Why Halfapercent

As an investor the goal is to find a good renter that pays market rent on time, and keeps the property clean and tidy.

Property management is about processes and procedures, and how well you do these things and most importantly it is about communication.

At Halfapercent we understand how important your investment property is to you. We understand the risk and reward that comes with buying an investment property.

It is our commitment to best practises, exceptional service standards and our extremely competitive fee structure, saving our clients thousands of dollars that has seen our client list grow and grow.

Halfapercent Real Estate is a company that maintains a boutique identity so that we can maximise the attention we pay to our clients, as well as providing them with our specialised local knowledge to deliver a seamless experience and because of this we consider ourselves to be your best choice to manage your investment property.

Agents might look the same, but when you take a closer look, the differences are significant.

Advice You Can Rely On

When renting your property there are countless questions that race through your mind. What is my asset rental really worth? How much should I spend on marketing? What do I really need to do to prepare my property for rent? They are big questions and it is important to have a Company you can trust to provide reliable answers. We pride ourselves on offering astute advice based on our many years of experience.

How Much Attention Does Your Property Deserve?

Some agents believe they can juggle 200-250 properties at once. Or you simply trusted the sales agent who recommended their rental division. You might meet one agent and end up with various “newbies”. They market this as you have a “team” behind you, but in reality it means you are getting a team of less experienced agents looking after your investment who just don’t have the proper experience. It probably is not an approach that gives anyone confidence or will bring you great results. Doing things well takes time as does giving your property a deserved level of attention. Typically, we deal with a small number of properties at any time, 150 at the most. By doing so, we ensure each of our clients is kept fully informed, that every opportunity is pursued and that ultimately your property is cared for as if you personally were looking after it.

It Is Refreshing to Know Just Who You Are Dealing With

Most real estate agencies are hectic places and getting hold of your agent, their assistant or someone who knows just what’s going on can be a trying experience. When you call us we pick up the phone, when you speak you have our undivided attention and when it’s time to discuss issues, you have someone with years of experience on your side. Don’t take our word for it. Our client testimonials attest to our professionalism.

Price Does Matter

Naturally, you want the best possible price and the performance of your agent will likely determine whether or not you get it. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding results. Our proven approach has seen us consistently achieve rental results far exceeding clients’ expectations.

It has always been and always will be about quality and service. We are passionate and dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the finest experience with their number one asset.

You Want to Know We a Reaching All the Prospective Renters

Your property needs to stand out from the crowd so that prospective renters will enquire. Therefore, all our rental properties are marketed on the most prominent search engines with professional photos, videos, virtual tours and most importantly priority internet placements. Due to our extremely strong marketing campaigns we get more views, which translates into more enquires and more people turning up at inspections. Our properties are generally rented in half the time of the area and industry average. Which means our clients receive their rent earlier, substantially increasing their rental return.

We are one of the few agents who use an online CRM system for all our rental properties. A CRM is a database for agents to match prospective renters to properties. We collect every prospective renter’s details and this information is collated by our system and we constantly notify this pool of prospective renters when a suitable property becomes available, thereby reducing the days the property is vacant.

Doing it Better

We have created a 9-point checklist where we rate prospective renters

  1. 100 points of identification
  2. Income level in relation the rent – verification of payslips and tax returns and rent no more than 30% of their income
  3. Bank Statements – money in the bank to cover the next 3 months rent
  4. Employment check – references and stability.
  5. Previous rental history – other agents’ rental ledgers.
  6. Tenancy reference – from previous agent, are they “clean and tidy, would you rent to them again?”
  7. Are they a property owner themselves – many renters are also property owners themselves, verification of this.
  8. Number of people proposing to live in the property – Maximum of two people per bedroom limiting the people living in the property and possibly creating excessive “wear and tear”.
  9. Trust our Instincts.

Our energy and expertise is directed at maintaining your property and ensuring all aspects of the tenancy are handled smoothly and professionally. How do we do this – we ensure our rental providers are protected by having the correct paperwork in place having our leases updated regularly to meet the requirements of the ever-changing rules and regulations ensuring your property is compliant, protecting our investors from any risk. We conduct a thorough in-going inspection before the renter moves in including a comprehensive report with a multitude of photos.This provides the renter with a record of what the property looked like when they moved in and what our expectations are when they vacate.

We will always try to contact you for any maintenance works to obtain your authorisation.  However sometimes in an emergency we may not be able to wait and will need to authorise the works i.e. sewage spilling in the apartment. We are also happy to organise any works to be carried out on your behalf, by a group of trusted, qualified tradesmen who look after all properties managed by our company.

Routine inspections are currently conducted on all properties twice yearly. It is standard practice, but also ensures the tenancy is running smoothly and provides you with a regular update.

Overheads or Real Value

Halfapercent Real Estate believe in the “client relationship first”. As the name suggests we charge a lot less than other agents. With our ability to read the market, our total commitment to exceptional client care and having an outstanding record for exceeding clients’ expectations – at managing and renting properties why would you pay someone else double our fees?

If Only I Had Made the Right Choice

We understand that not every business today is 9 to 5. Our investors have access to our property management team after hours and to our principal. When you sense your agent is not performing it can be extremely frustrating and ultimately very expensive. So after all the appraisals, discussions on commissions, and a little bit of chest beating, the only thing that is relevant is the agent who has displayed enough knowledge to make you feel comfortable, has given you a strong sense of trust and has made you feel confident enough that they will get the best outcome for you.

We are not a big corporation so every one of our clients is important to us

Feel free to contact our office and speak to one of our agents on how we can best help you on 9527 1211 or Contact Us.