We have found that vendors who go that “extra mile” creating a ‘wow’ factor that leaves a lasting impression on buyers with presentation usually have more buyers, can achieve a quicker sale – and more often a higher price….

Below are a few simple and low-cost tips to improving your house or apartment for sale.

Curb Side Appeal

Spending on ensuring your property looks good from the street can pay dividends down the track. First impressions count so it’s important to make sure the front of the house – including the garden sets the right tone. It is important this looks great throughout the campaign, as people drive by at all hours of the day and night.

Make Necessary Repairs to Your Property

Cosmetic repairs take a while to complete, so it is worth getting onto these early. For instance, repainting, refreshing your kitchen or bathroom, you may also need new tiles, or the floorboards need to be sanded, repairing damp walls, or replacing cracked plaster, or broken and cracked glass. So, getting onto these jobs well in advance of your property going on the market is a smart idea.

Declutter and Remove Personal Items

You want buyers to be able to visualise themselves in your property; to feel an emotional connection. It is hard to do this if all your knick-knacks and family photos are scattered throughout the property. Also removing bulky pieces of furniture, and toys that “shrink” a room and create an immediate negative impression will only help with the emotional connection. This is not to say everything must go, it just needs to be refined.

Clean the Entire Property

Spending time cleaning every corner of your property is time well spent – and yes, this means insides of wardrobes and cupboards as buyers open these up for a look inside. Clean carpets and remove odours left by pets that you may have gotten used to – but that a first-time visitor will detect in seconds and this includes getting rid of pet hair. A sparkling property is a must have when selling your home.

Professional Styling

We have found, styling and preparing a property for sale could add between 5% – 10% to the final sale price. It can help attract more people and helps people develop that emotional connection.

Auction or Private Sale

An auction is an emotionally charged and fast-moving atmosphere. The auction campaign usually runs for 4 weeks with inspections set at nominated times. Buyers have one opportunity – auction day – to put forward their best price. All you need is for two motivated bidders to be in competition and the result is likely to be the highest possible selling price for your property. At Halfapercent Real Estate we have a reputation for our skill and expertise in this area.

A private sale can also be an effective sale method and often suits sellers who are flexible with inspection times, are in no rush to sell, and want to keep their business low key without the intrusiveness of an auction. It involves a process of negotiation between the buyer and the vendor The property will have an advertised price – the starting point for negotiations and dialog continues until both parties agree on price.

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