Why Choose Us

Selling property is about processes and procedures, and how well you do these things and most importantly it is about communication.

At Halfapercent we understand how important your property is to you. We understand the risk and reward that comes with selling property

It is our commitment to exceptional service standards and our extremely competitive fee structure, saving our clients tens of thousands of dollars that has seen our client list grow and grow.

Halfapercent Real Estate is a company that maintains a boutique identity so that we can maximise the attention we pay to our clients, thereby ensuring a seamless experience whilst achieving a premium price. Because of this we consider ourselves to be your best choice to sell your property.

Agents might look the same, but when you take a closer look, the differences are significant.

Advice You Can Rely On.

When selling your property there are countless questions that race through your mind. What’s my asset really worth? How much should I spend on marketing? What do I really need to do to prepare my property for sale? They’re big questions and it’s important to have a Company you can trust to provide reliable answers. We pride ourselves on offering astute advice based on our many years of experience and your best interests.

How much attention does your property deserve?

Some agents believe they can juggle 5-8 sale properties at the one time. You might meet one agent and end up with various “newbies”. They market this as you have a “team” behind you, but in reality it means you are getting a team of less experienced agents looking after your property who just don’t have the proper experience. It probably is not an approach that gives anyone confidence or will bring you great results. Doing things well takes time and to give your property a deserved level of attention. Typically, we deal with a small number of properties at any time 1-3 at any one time. By doing so, we ensure each of our clients is kept fully informed, that every opportunity is pursued and that ultimately your property is cared for as if you personally were looking after it. Doing things well takes time and your property deserves that level of attention.

It is refreshing to know just who you are dealing with

Most real estate agencies are hectic places and getting hold of your agent, their assistant or someone who knows just what’s going on can be a trying experience. When you call us we pick up the phone, when you speak you have our undivided attention and when it’s time to discuss the important issues, you have someone with years of experience on your side. Don’t take our word for it. Our client testimonials attest to our professionalism.

Price does matter

Naturally, you want the best possible price and the performance of your agent will likely determine whether or not you get it. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding results. Our proven approach has seen us consistently achieve sales results far exceeding clients’ expectations.

It has always been and always will be about quality and service. We are passionate and dedicated to ensuring our clients’ receive the finest experience with their number one asset.

Overheads or Real Value

Halfapercent Real Estate believe in the “client relationship first”. As the name suggests we charge a lot less than other agents. With our ability to read the market, our total commitment to exceptional client care and having an outstanding record for exceeding clients’ expectations – at selling properties why would you pay someone else double our fees?

You Want to Know We a Reaching All the Prospective Tenants

Your property needs to stand out from the crowd so that prospective buyers will enquire. Therefore, all our sale properties are marketed on the most prominent search engines realestate.com.au, Domain, realestateview.com.au and many others with professional photos, videos, virtual tours and most importantly priority internet placements.

Due to our extremely strong marketing campaigns we get more views, which translates into more enquires and more people turning up at inspections. We all have access to the same marketing tools to advertise your property, which means we all have the same ability to reach the same people who are currently looking to buy your property.

You Want to Know We a Reaching All the buyers

A marketing plan will include:

  • Professional photography, copy writing, floor plan, video
  • Signboards
  • Digital advertising
  • Real estate portals
  • Print media advertisements and editorial
  • Drop cards and property brochures
  • Email to agent’s database

We use an online CRM system for all our properties, a CRM is a database for agents to match prospective buyers to properties. It provides instant communication with yourself and importantly the prospective buyers. Knowing what your buyer is looking for and what they value in a property can help in creating your marketing campaign to ensure the right features of your property are showcased and your marketing dollars are spent targeting the largest pool of interested buyers. The individual agent sells your property, not the company and when choosing Halfapercent Real Estate you are choosing me and my many years of experience.

If Only I Had Made the Right Choice

We understand that not every business today is 9 to 5. Our vendors have access to our sales team after hours and also to our principal. When you sense your agent is not performing it can be extremely frustrating and ultimately very expensive. When selecting a real estate agent, I believe the difference between employing a good agent versus a great agent, can affect your sale price by 5% to 10%. So after all the appraisals, discussions on commissions, and a little bit of chest beating, the only thing that is relevant is the agent who has displayed enough knowledge to make you feel comfortable, has given you a strong sense of trust and has made you feel confident enough that they will get the best outcome for you and that is Halfapercent Real Estate.

We are not a big corporation so every one of our clients is important to us.

Feel free to contact our office and speak to one of our agents on how we can best handle your sale on 9527 1211 or Contact Us.