Why Choose US


We specialise in small to medium properties with up to 30 lots, so we can maximise the attention we pay our clients.

Who we are

We are an Independent operator not part of a franchise operation. We own and operate the Company.


We have a visible street front office with a meeting room, open during business hours ensuring peace of mind that you are dealing with a visible entity, rather than a “backyard operation” or a large Corporation hidden in an office maze

Advice you can rely on

It is important to have someone you can trust to provide reliable answers. We pride ourselves on offering astute advice based on our many years of experience and your best interests.


When you call us we pick up the phone, when you speak you have our undivided attention and when it’s time to discuss issues you have someone with years of experience on your side.

Doing it better

Our energy and expertise is directed at maintaining your property and ensuring all aspects of our management are handled smoothly and professionally.

Price does matter

Our simple, competitive fee structure provides exceptional value for money with no surprises.


Our online portal provides access to all your information 24 hours a day.

It is our commitment to best practises, exceptional service standards and our extremely competitive fee structure saving our clients thousands of dollars that has seen our client list grow and grow.

We maintain a boutique identity so that we can maximise the attention we pay to our clients, as well as providing them with our specialised local knowledge to deliver a seamless experience and because of this we consider ourselves to be your best choice to manage your Owners Corporation

Below see why Noble House Owners Corporation should be your manager of choice

Advice you can rely on

When choosing an Owners Corporation manager there are countless questions that race through your mind. Will they look after my asset? How much should I pay for the service? What do we really need to do to maintain our common property? They’re big questions and it’s important to have a Company you can trust to provide reliable answers. We pride ourselves on offering astute advice based on our many years of experience and your best interests.

How much attention does your property deserve?  

Some managers believe they can juggle thousands of “lots” at once. So many times we hear about the frustrations and stresses that can occur with a lot of Owners Corporations … lack of communication … poor service … delays in processing work orders and insurance claims … disillusioned committee members, unfinished projects … long, drawn out meetings with no positive results

You might sign up with the Director and end up with various “newbies” looking after your most important asset. They market this as you have a “team” behind you, but in reality, it means you are getting a team of less experienced managers looking after your property who just don’t have the proper experience. It probably is not an approach that gives anyone confidence and more importantly you the knowledge that you have the best person looking after your most important asset. Doing things well takes time and to give your property a deserved level of attention, we strictly limit the number of “lots” at any time to 500 at the most. By doing so, we ensure our clients are kept fully informed, that the property is well maintained and improved on and that ultimately your property is cared for as if you personally were looking after it.

It’s refreshing to know just who you are dealing with 

Most Owners Corporation are hectic places and getting hold of your manager, their assistant or someone who knows just what’s going on can be a trying experience. When you call us, we pick up the phone, when you speak you have our undivided attention and when it’s time to discuss issues you have someone with years of experience on your side.

Price does matter 

Our simple, competitive fee structure provides exceptional value for money, but just as importantly the performance of your manager will likely determine whether you get it. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding results. Our proven approach has seen us consistently achieve results far exceeding clients’ expectations.

“It has always been and always will be about quality & service. We are passionate and dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the finest experience with their number one asset”

Doing it better

Our energy and expertise are directed at maintaining your property and ensuring all aspects are handled smoothly and professionally.  How do we do this – we ensure all our paperwork is in place and updated regularly to meet the requirements of the ever-changing rules and regulations. We conduct a thorough inspection each year. This ensures that the property is well maintained and compliant, with the aim of protecting all owners from any potential risk or negligence claim. Also, it provides investors with a regular update and the condition of the property.  We will always seek approval from the committee for any maintenance works to obtain authorisation.  However sometimes in an emergency we may not be able to wait and will need to authorise the works i.e. sewage spilling in the common property and roof leaks. As a bonus we utilise the most advanced cloud-based Owners Corporation management application that, via an online portal ensures total transparency for all owners, with detailed information available online from anywhere and at any time.  Multi-level security ensures that renters have limited access, owners have a greater level of access whilst your committee have full access to all areas of the portal.

Your Portal information

  • View current Levy notices, payment receipts and full account history for your lot.
  • View and download notices of annual and special general meetings and copies of meeting minutes.
  • View detailed information on your Owners Corporation’s financial position including Cash Book, Balance Sheet and annual Budget.
  • Report maintenance issues directly to your Owners Corporation Manager.
  • Owners “Notice Board” alerting owners and renters to maintenance work being carried out or other issues relating to the Owners Corporation.
  • The Community Wall area encourages renters and owners to interact, keeping each other informed on what is happening in your building.
  • A Committee Wall allows elected committee members to communicate with each other and their Owners Corporation manager. The Committee Wall is a great continuous record of all communications for your committee.
  • Order Owners Corporation Certificates,
  • Order keys, remotes or swipe cards.

Overheads or real value  

Noble House Owners Corporation believe in the “client relationship first”. We charge a lot less than other companies, and we give you an assurance to best practises, and exceptional service standard.  With our total commitment to exceptional client care and having an outstanding record for exceeding clients’ expectations – why would you pay someone else three or four times our fee after they add their “special costs”?

If only I had made the right choice 

We understand that not every business today is 9 to 5. Our owners have access to our portal 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When you sense your manager isn’t performing it can be extremely frustrating and ultimately very expensive. So after all the submissions, discussions on fees, and a little bit of chest beating, the only thing that is relevant is the manager who has displayed enough knowledge to make you feel comfortable, has given you a strong sense of trust and has made you feel confident enough that they will get the best outcome for you.

Our Owners Corporation Management Team

Our management team is headed up by John Kaufman and Rosie Kaufmann who are the Directors of the Company. With a combined 50 years’ experience in the real estate industry and 20 years combined in strata management, John and Rosie have the knowledge and experience to manage the most complex strata – and the passion for delivering customer service excellence.

As a currently fully licensed real estate agent, John understands the importance of compliance and statutory obligations. Prior to embarking on his real estate career, John was a successful Civil Engineer B.E. Eng. (Civil) Monash and Physiotherapist B.AppSc. (Physio) Melbourne and brings a wealth of experience in his past and present careers to provide a rounded approach to Owners Corporation management. This means decisions are made with an overall clearer perspective rather than the blinkered and less life experienced responses from other Owners Corporation managers.

Rosie has been a bookkeeper for over 20 years looking after many private and public companies and with her depth of regulatory and legislative knowledge it ensures all Owners Corporations are compliant and cash positive. Her meticulous standards ensure a smooth running and efficient Owners Corporation management, with minimum liability to all members of the Owners Corporation. Rosie is also a fully licensed Real Estate Agent.

Our Services

  • Initial Set Up & Activation of Owners Corporation
  • Hold initial Annual General Meeting.
  • Arrange Owners Corporation Common Seal
  • Notification to Land Victoria of changes to Owners Corporation contact details
  • Obtain quotations for Building & Public Liability insurances
  • Obtain quotations for all necessary maintenance contracts & other required services.
  • Attend to registration of GST & Tax File Number, where required.
  • Prepare proposed budget
  • Assess Lot entitlements & liabilities under the Plan of Subdivision & set fees.
  • Generate Minutes of Meeting
  • Arrange preparation & installation of Owners Corporation Plaque.
  • Establish Grievance Procedure for dispute resolution
  • Prepare Model Rules & attend to Registration of Rules with Land Victoria, where required
  • Prepare Maintenance Plan (for Prescribed Owners Corporation).
  • Set up & maintain sinking fund, where required.

Our management will then include the following:

  • General Management Services
  • Maintaining of Books of Account to include;
    • Annual Income and Expenditure Statement
    • Annual Profit and Loss Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Annual Budget
  • Maintain Owners Corporation Minute Book.
  • Record and maintain Owners Corporation Members Register.
  • Collection of Owners Corporation fees and levies and payment into Trust Account. Includes issuing of notices for fees & levies
  • Generate invoices to debtors, where applicable and collection of payment.
  • Arrange payment of creditors from Owners Corporation funds.
  • Ensure service and maintenance agreements for fire service, sprinkler service, alarm monitoring services etc, where applicable, are current.
  • Attendance to Essential Services requirements & maintenance contracts (where applicable)
  • Arrange routine general repairs and maintenance of common property.
  • Arrange building and public liability insurances, to include quotes for renewal & insurance valuations, (Prescribed Owners Corporation) if requested.
  • Convene and conduct Annual General Meeting to include:
    • Preparation of financial budget
    • Provision of financial statements & reports
    • Issuing notices and forms of proxy
    • Meeting Agenda
  • Distribute copies of Minutes of Annual General Meeting to members.
  • Record and maintain Owners Corporation Minute Book.
  • Provide general advice pertaining to the Subdivision Act & Owners Corporation Regulations
  • Implement grievance procedure.
  • Annual site visit / general common area inspection

 Additional Services

  • Set up & activation of Owners Corporation
  • Issue Owners Corporation Certificate
  • Attendance to Change of Address notification
  • Preparation & lodgement of Additional Rules
  • Preparation & lodgement of insurance claims
  • Arrange & convene Special General Meetings
  • Arrange Postal Ballots
  • Issue & collect Special Levies
  • Attendance to debt recovery
  • Arrange major works
  • Attendance to arranging emergency repairs
  • Attendance to dispute resolution

Builders and Developers

John the Director of Noble House Owners Corporation has extensive experience dealing with developers and builders providing them with helpful suggestions, insights and recommendations. When you consider his previous experience as a Civil Engineer you can understand why builders and developers value his input.

What we do for property developers

  • Preparation budgets for contracts that focus on cost minimisation for marketability.
  • Establishment of additional or special Owners Corporation rules specific to each property
  • Arrange Strata insurance in accordance with state legislative requirements
  • Complete property maintenance of common areas during the post settlement and occupation, periods including onsite representation.
  • We offer a welcome pack handover service to ensure that the purchasers are welcomed into their new home.
  • We organise an initial meeting with all the new owners to establish a chairperson and committee and get an operational owners corporation

We would be delighted to chat with you about your current development, or even the one you are planning next.

Changing your Manager

An estimated 90% of dissatisfied Owners Corporation committees do not know how to amicably and lawfully change strata management companies if they are looking to move away from an underperforming manager.

The Owners Corporation Act 2006 sets out specific guidelines that must be followed to lawfully terminate a management agreement with your current Owners Corporation manager. Under Section 119 (6) of the Owners Corporation Act 2006, an Owners Corporation may revoke the appointment of a manager, but there may be fees applicable.

The first thing you need to do is obtain a copy of your current contract and income and expenditure statement to understand the current terms and fees you are paying. You should then ask your new preferred owners corporation manager for a quote listing all their fees and hidden charges if any?

In most cases, the committee can decide to change managers by holding a Committee meeting or a Special General Meeting with a motion to remove the old manager and appoint the new one. You then send a copy of the minutes of the successful meeting to your current manager as well as your new manager.

The current manager under Section 127 of the Owners Corporation Act 2006, must, within 28 days of termination return to the secretary of the Owners Corporation all records relating to the Owners Corporation and/or funds of the Owners Corporation held or controlled by the manager.

Great strata managers remove the stress associated with an Owners Corporation. If this isn’t happening with your current strata manager then get in touch with our team who will ensure the process to change strata managers is as simple as possible.


Leon K South Caulfield

I am very happy to recommend John to other properties who need a body corporate manager. John is responsive, proactive and diligent. He looks for solutions without having to be instructed, offering alternatives and accessing his own network for advice and recommendations on prickly situations. His communication style is considered, clear and timely. And he is methodical in his approach. I have been very satisfied with the level of attention and service we have received.

Sal P St Kilda

Our previous manager did not want to know about the problems we had with our building. Since switching over to Noble house Owners Corporation, our building is in much better shape.

Bryan L St Kilda

Our Owners Corporation Committee recently made the decision to replace our management and appoint Noble House Owners Corporation. Since the appointment we have been extremely pleased with the level of professionalism shown by this company. The Director of the company John Kaufman is a breath of fresh air with his proactive approach to management and his willingness to inspect our buildings and ensure that everything is running smoothly and also to pro-actively suggest ways of improving the property surrounds and maintenance function. The level of contractor management has been pleasing and they provide quality maintenance contractors. They also have a very professional approach to vetting and ensuring that contractors meet all the necessary requirements to provide quality and safe work.

John S Surrey Hills

I would have no hesitation in recommending John and Rosie from Noble House Owners Corporation. They are professional, warm, friendly and approachable. John and Rosie offer all the benefits of a small, boutique agency where honesty and integrity are not traded for cheap gimmicky tricks. Look no further than John and his team.

Feel free to contact our office and speak to one of our managers on how we can best handle your Owners Corporation.

We are not a big corporation so every one of our clients is important to us.

Feel free to contact our office and speak to one of our managers on how we can best help you on 9527 1211 or Contact Us..