When Should I Get a Property Appraisal

A lot of people only get a property appraisal when they are selling, but an appraisal is important at any time.

A property like any asset, can fluctuate in value. Regularly checking the market value of your property makes good financial sense.

With this knowledge, you are better equipped to make smarter decisions, and plan your future financial wellbeing.

Below Are Four Reasons Outside of Selling to Get a Property Appraisal

Event 1 | Market Changes

The market has changed, and you are keen to know what that means for you.

Event 2 | Looking to Invest in Property

You are looking to buy an investment property and would like to know how much equity you have in your current property to help with your financial planning.

Event 3 | Renovating Your Home

You are looking to renovate and want to know what buyers are looking for. It is useful to arrange your renovations to buyers ‘must-have’ features. Even if you are not selling right now, including popular features is always a win. A property appraisal also gives you some idea as to the value you have added to your property following your renovations.

Event 4 | Completed Renovation

You have recently completed your renovations and are keen to find out the impact and how this has changed the value of your property. Sometimes it can take time to realise any capital gain. It comes down to how much you spent and on what areas of the property.