Owners Corporation

How much attention does your property deserve?

Some managers believe they can juggle thousands of “lots” at once. So many times we hear about the frustrations and stresses that can occur with a lot of Owners Corporations … lack of communication … poor service … delays in processing work orders and insurance claims … disillusioned committee members, unfinished projects … long, drawn out meetings with no positive results. 

Our Owners Corporation Management Team

Our management team is headed up by John Kaufman and Rosie Kaufmann who are the Directors of the Company. With a combined 50 years’ experience in the real estate industry and 20 years combined in strata management, John and Rosie have the knowledge and experience to manage the most complex strata – and the passion for delivering customer service excellence.

As a currently fully licensed real estate agent, John understands the importance of compliance and statutory obligations. Prior to embarking on his real estate career, John was a successful Civil Engineer B.E. Eng. (Civil) Monash and Physiotherapist B.AppSc. (Physio) Melbourne and brings a wealth of experience in his past and present careers to provide a rounded approach to Owners Corporation management. This means decisions are made with an overall clearer perspective rather than the blinkered and less life experienced responses from other Owners Corporation managers.

Rosie has been a bookkeeper for over 20 years looking after many private and public companies and with her depth of regulatory and legislative knowledge it ensures all Owners Corporations are compliant and cash positive. Her meticulous standards ensure a smooth running and efficient Owners Corporation management, with minimum liability to all members of the Owners Corporation. Rosie is also a fully licensed real estate agent.